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Getting started in the Pond

Well thought I would start the frog pond with a wonderful event that I attended. It was a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Dublin, Ca on December 3rd. The book is called “The San Francisco East Bay 60’s Scene Then and now” by Bruce Tashler.

The book documents all the East Bay garage bands that were around in the 60’s. Many of these bands opened for national acts that were making it big at the time like Buffalo Springfield, Them with Van Morrison, The Animals, the Yardbirds, and The Byrds etc.

So that was very exciting to hear about those experiences of these local musicians. However also attending this event were many of the more well know musicians of the time in the bay area.

Rodger Collins was the first to take the mic. He had a hit called “She’s lookin Good that tops the charts to #15 in the US. He also wrote “You Sexy Sugar Plum in the 70’s also hit #22 on the charts. Rodger is still recording music and issuing new cd’s. He has retired from performing

Another major artist back in the 60’s were the Beau Brummels. These guys had many hits some being “Laugh Laugh” which charted at # 15, “Just a little” charted at # 8. Sal Valentino, the lead singer of the group was at this event. He is 71 years old now and still performs occasionally in the Sacramento area where he lives.

Rick Stevens who is now 72 years old from Tower of power fame was also there. Rick sang the hit “you’re still a young man” which reached # 29 on the charts. Rick has had a tough life as he have been in jail for 36 years. He was just released from prison in 2012. Rick has started to perform again at some Tower of Power and Cold Blood shows.

Lydia Pense who is now 65 years old from Cold Blood was also there. Her band still performs throughout the bay area and the country. Lydia was just a teenager when she started singing in bands in the East Bay.

This event made me realize what musical treasures these artists are and everyone who loves the music of the 60’s should try to see them if they are performing in your area.

It seems these days once an artist does not have a hit then people forget about them even though they still can sing and perform as well as ever.

I intend to present new and old artist who are contributing to this wonderful joy called music. My hope is to raise people’s awareness of all the wonderful musicians in this country

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